Pride & Prejudice MBTI


Pride & Prejudice (2005 version) is my background-noise movie. Most movies force me to be engaged in the storyline, but I’ve watched Pride & Prejudice 50+ times and am familiar enough with the plot that I can just leave it on while doing other tasks. This has been a very difficult film to type the characters, though. I acknowledge that there may be alternate opinions out there. Hopefully my ideas are at least somewhat accurate. Elizabeth is the character I had the hardest time typing. This time I watched the film, she seemed more of an INTP than I had previously thought she was (I’ve always thought of her as more of an INFP / INFJ). I could also see Mr. Bennet as being an INTP. As always, it’s up for debate.

  • ISTJ: Darcy, Mr. Collins
  • ISTP: Mary
  • ISFJ: Charlotte
  • ISFP: Anne
  • INTJ: Mr. Bennet
  • INTP: Elizabeth?
  • INFJ: Jane
  • INFP: Elizabeth?
  • ESTJ: Caroline, Lady Catherine
  • ESTP: Wickham
  • ESFJ: Kitty
  • ESFP: Mrs. Bennet, Lydia
  • ENTJ: Colonel Fitzwilliam
  • ENTP: Mr. Gardiner
  • ENFJ: Mrs. Gardiner
  • ENFP: Bingley, Georgiana
Pride & Prejudice MBTI

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